Rabu, 02 Agustus 2017

about blog's owner

i'am Adri
born at 26th february 2002
now, i'am a student at three national high school

this is the first time i write a blog
here, i just write things that i think when i write this
the next paragraph will explain who i'am?

my full name is Adri Fathudien. born in Bandung at 26 feruary of 2002
i was the first child and i have two younger sisters
my elementary school is at SDN CIBIRU 04
after that i goes into SMPN 08 BANDUNG
and now i am at SMAN 3 BANDUNG

at school i have nothing to proud of, i never get into big 10 in my class, i rarely speak to my classmate, i just have few subject that i interested, i can't remember all of the things that teacher's give, and so on.

i don' want to write a lot of my private life, but i will write couple of things that are hapenned in my life as Adri Fathudien. first My life is a boring life, there's nothing interesting, second i rarely go out from my home except for studying, last i dont always have a fixed opinion

thats all, THANKS.